Dark Side of the Moon

CAFA Museum, Beijing, 2015
Solo Exhibition

In Dark Side of the Moon, Tomas traverses the unknown and all of its mysteries.

There is an inherent contradiction in the dark side of the moon; it is at once the beginning and the end, the question and the answer. Forever evading us, the dark side of the moon creates a looming absence in which the works situate themselves.

These futuristic landscapes are informed by the technological and post-industrial advances of man. Deeply in tune with the impacts, both positive and negative, of these innovations, Tomas plays with the roles of man and machine and the waning boundary between the two. The work is ultimately a protest against the destruction of our planet and our humanity.

So far, for the Dark Side of the Moon series, Tomas created 36 works, 18 in Beijing, and 18 in New York. The pieces are twelve hours apart – literally, half the world away – and titled in pairs. Each “West” piece has a corresponding “East” piece, one black, one white. Thus the works become magnetic poles and the physical space between them becomes part of the work. They shall never meet – each is the other’s dark side, without hierarchy.