72/22 The Man Who Fell to Earth

The Boiler, NYC, 2022
Solo Exhibition

The Man Who Fell to Earth 76/22 explores the intersection of truth and myth. Tomas is fascinated with the adage that science holds the promise of a better future and the trope of science fiction to question this long-standing belief and presents visual narratives contrary to it.

The centerpiece of this show is the Sphero Chromatic installation, encompassed by a Geodesic Dome within the Boiler’s industrial walls. Within its walls, Tomas invites the viewer to interact/investigate the space with a turntable and records, curated to serve as a musical timeline and soundtrack for the project. This body of work explores the highs and lows of scientific invention from the moon landing to the explosion of the space shuttle. The work depicts the epic conflict between man and machine, nature and technology, music and pop culture. Through these decisive tensions of our time, Tomas weaves the narrative through the works in space for the utopian station.