Dark Side of the Moon I

2013 – 2015

Dark Side of the Moon drawings I - XIII, 2013 – 2014. Silkscreen, acrylic, and pencil on mylar, 46" x 72".

Source Material

Dark Side of the Moon (2013-2016), three ongoing series of works named after the Pink Floyd album released in the 1973, pulls the viewer in with its encyclopedic inventory of imagery and intricate details demanding closer inspection. At the same time, this complex body of work pushes the viewer out with each square inch of its compositions transmitting unique visual information yet denying categorization and blurring boundaries between the so-called real and the imagined. As the first soundtrack Vu experienced upon immigrating to the United States during his childhood, The Dark Side of the Moon album signifies both an experimental approach to music making and the sense of foreignness and exoticism of American culture that the artist experienced for the first time.

In Dark Side of the Moon I (2013-2015), for instance, multiple layers of paint, drawings and silkscreen compile several layers of murky dark pigment seeping together with the fluid consistency of ink in addition to delicate linear and geometric elements adding light and definition to the composition. The crystalline structures, drawings of helicopters, ships and organic forms resembling trees, flowers and clouds among other ecological imagery illustrate both a sense of blooming and decay to describe the dual qualities of technology—its abilities to both create and destroy.